Jon Grayson’s New Single ‘I Get Caught Up’ Is An Ode To Over-Thinking

Jon Grayson’s new single ‘I Get Caught Up’ was released on the 19th February – and what an absolute heart-wrenching listen it is!

This song is one of those rarities where you listen to it and just GET it. The highly relatable storyline speaks of a night that Jon experienced after breaking up with a former lover. He says that:

“I’d broken up with a girl then, after a few drinks, left a bar I was in to see her across town at a she was performing in. Thankfully I had friends to stop me doing anything stupid, but the song is the story of that night and how I was feeling at the time.”

Jon’s tunes are the ones to listen to if you’re young and experiencing breaks-ups for the first time. He is highly skilled at writing powerful lyrics about what it’s like to live young and exploring new places and meeting new people.

Going through a break-up and want to listen to a song that describes what you’re feeling better than you can? ‘I Get Caught Up’ is definitely recommended. It is now available to listen to on Spotify – along with all his other releases, have a bit of a binge! If you like what you hear then make sure you follow his Instagram and Facebook for more details on what’s to come next.

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