Why You Should Never Go On a Movie Date (And What You Should Do Instead)

Hear us out, watching a movie for a first date is the WORST idea. It’s something that should be left behind for middle schoolers and old couples.

For one, it’s not possible to have a proper conversation when you’re both facing forward, surrounded by twenty strangers. You want to get to know the person and that’s not possible if you can’t really talk above a whisper. A first date is super awkward as it is and watching a movie will just make it worse.

Then there’s the whole ordeal of choosing the perfect movie. It should be lighthearted but not over-the-top raunchy (we’re looking at you 50 Shades trilogy). You can go with an action movie, but John Wick mercilessly killing people after people doesn’t exactly scream romance.

And on top of all that, you have to pretend to slowly eat popcorn one by one, as if you don’t usually shove a handful. There’s no winning when it comes to movie dates.

Our advice? Consider these unique date ideas that are anything but boring. And even if you don’t end up connecting, at least you’ll make a memorable day out of it.

Cook a meal together

If you’re serious about this person, then invite them over for dinner. Sure it’s quite an intimate setting for a first date, but it’s a great way to have a good conversation. And for the love of Gordan Ramsey, don’t order in! Cook a meal together and make an activity out of it.

Go to an escape room

Does sitting across from someone and talking about yourself makes you anxious? For a more laid back yet entertaining first date, go to an escape room. There is no quicker way to know someone than solving puzzles together. With a mission at hand, the conversation will flow effortlessly.

Play mini-golf 

Another fan-favourite activity date is playing mini-golf. Unlike an escape room, you are playing against each other. The friendly competition promises great banter without any uncomfortable silence.

Attend a live show

If you still desire the familiarity of watching a movie without the boredom, go to a live show instead. You can get tickets to a fun live performance like Strictly Come Dancing Live! 

You can even go to a concert. There’s no better way to bond than singing together on the top of your lungs.

Take a class

Do you want to switch it up from the usual dinner dates? Might we suggest taking a hobby class?

There is so much you can do! You can go wine tasting or take a cooking class or learn how to make pottery.

Go bowling

If movies are reserved for middle schoolers, then bowling is the ultimate highschooler first date spot. But unlike movie dates, bowling continues to hold its appeal. It’s casual and simply delightful.

Plan a picnic date

Imagine this- a picnic with scrumptious food on a warm summer afternoon. Doesn’t that sound divine? This is perfect for the ones who love to go above and beyond. Along with food and drinks, you can also take a few games to keep yourselves entertained.

Go paintballing

We all have swooned over Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger’s paintball date in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. You can have a tonne of fun running around all day. And obviously, it makes a fantastic first date story that guarantees several awws.

Go hiking

For fitness enthusiasts, what could be better than finding someone who loves working out equally? Going on a hike will certainly spur interesting conversations.

Instead of watching movies time after time, give these ideas a shot. And who knows, Cupid’s arrow might hit you.

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