Q And A: Amy Meets Chase Blake

Introducing our newest writer, Amy Bell. Amy is a prolific blogger on her own website, and we reproduce a few of her posts here today. First, her interview with Birmingham artist, Chase Blake.

How would you describe your music style?

I Describe it as Brummy. Birmingham and current. I haven’t changed since I made songs. When I first started creating songs, it missed a few people as it was ahead of it’s time, but now it’s time so I’d describe it as current and fresh.

When did you begin your music journey?

When i left school – in 2007/2008. 11 Or 12 years ago, the first release was around 2007.

What song is your favourite that you have released?

Two songs which I’ve put out there, that I’ve never released but only performed live – ‘Be Lonely’, and ‘4 Letters’. The reason for this is  because of what happened after I put them out there – they completely changed my life.

Where do you find your inspiration to write?

‘Jungle Book’, stuff from situations. In the car, if the beat is nice I can write to it, if it’s not right, then I won’t put bars on it unless I’m doing an old remix. I’ve got 700 songs on the computer, as I record them, if I like them, I can then make them into a song which is me. A story or me trying to say I’m the best which is mad.

Musical inspirations?

Kano and wiley. First two grime artists I heard and I wanted to make music when I heard them.

Dream collab?


Message you try to bring across to your songs?

There’s not really a message that I’ll put into a song. I have 3 serious songs ‘trying’ and more about fun and vibes. About whatever and me being the best, which is about not being too serious.

Favourite show you have performed at?

Soccer Six, one of the festivals. When I first started grime I performed at a festival in Exeter. Musicalize with James Arthur at the o2.

Where do you see yourself and what’s your goal in music in 5 years?

Online. on YouTube and fully online.

Have you any plans for shows in 2020?

No shows planned, it depends on what I build up on YouTube, so I  could do one or two shows. I think I am a bit too old to be doing the jumping around at shows, so online is where it as for me at the moment.

Did where you grew up in Birmingham shape you in a creative way?

It did not shape me in any shape or form. No-one has done anything ever. One played basketball for England, another is in prison, yet another is a soldier in the army. Someone from UB40 lived down the road, so that kind of influenced me. I wanted to be the first one to do something. When I was on radio, the producer was from the street next to me, two of us a minute away from each other – which was nice.

Tell me a bit about the first ever song you wrote?

A diss track to a kid in college, as I done painting and decorating. He didn’t like what I said, so I made a diss track. Old school, Poundland mic, cotton wool over the top, walked into the class and played it, he left college and never saw him again. First lyric was “Rude boy, you’re a tramp, and trust me blud, you don’t want to ramp me, on the way to the bank, have you heard of a bank, oh no.” You can see how far I’ve come since I first started recording. It’s a mad journey, from “rude boy you’re a tramp”, to making songs for iTunes.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?

It Won’t sound like a big goal, but 19 MORE Tinches [Amy’s note: “Chase calls me Tinch as he is 6ft something, and I’m 5’2, and he has always called me his Tinch]. Nineteen more people, who like what I do, make time for me, the way you make time for me. People on the outside who haven’t built up something, or know how little it takes, it can change something. If I had 50 people who bought a cd for £10 every time, I put something out it would be mad. People following me since the beginning. 15-19 more people who have as much time as you have for me, which is the goal by next Christmas.

Any advice for any people creating music?

I’m making a video about that in a couple of months. One of the main things which annoyed me when I started out, is that people used to give the most deadest advice, like, “be you, work hard”. I want to share the inside secrets, so I’m making a video.

What do you want to say to the people who support you on your journey?

What I just said, they don’t understand, anyone who’s not done it, it’s hard to say. Little things go so far, and can make the tiniest difference. I want to try and do a new idea, where people heart, comment and repost. If 20 people did that, it could lead me to finding 15 people. You and some other people who have been there since the beginning, I don’t even have to ask, you are right there sharing my content etc. Thank you wouldn’t be enough, it’s just a word. it changed my life, and again it could change my life, I need to think about giving old merch, do some shows, more meetups, just turn up. When I make a song, it’s always been about what I could give for free, and that’s probably why I haven’t sold much. I’m working on it, and to say you are all the best. Especially you Tinch. Making my way to say that thank you and I don’t know what it will be yet, but it will happen.

Find Chase Blayke online on Facebook and Instagram.


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