Listen To Munnycat’s New Single ‘MILLIONAIRE (jz +bncé)’ Out Now!

LA pop-duo Munnycat are back with their brand-new pop single ‘Millionaire (jz+bnce)’ available to stream now!

The track shows a contrast from their previous releases. Whilst the pair are known for their fun and over-the-top pop tracks, ‘Millionaire’ takes a different direction and shows more of a softer side. The song shows more R&B influence than ever before. Whilst it starts off quite simple, it eventually builds in to an out of this world listening experience.

Munnycat is an entirely two-person project which features two very talented producers who happen to be a real-life couple. The couple go by the names of K808 and Khaledzou who write, produce, shoot and edit all their musical content.

Speaking about ‘MILLIONAIRE (jz + bncé)’, K808 says:

“We made this song while we were on a recording trip in Portland, and we had a lot of really cool organic instruments at our disposal that we don’t usually have access to. So we were having a ton of fun in the studio one day messing around with gear and I remember looking across the room at Khaled and thinking “Oooh, this is like a dream…” and then the rest of the song came out almost like it was already written somewhere in the back of my mind. I couldn’t and still can’t believe that I get to a) make music for a living and b) do it with my soul mate. It’s crazy.”

All singles released are available to stream on Spotify now and make sure you follow Munnycat’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for future updates.

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