KIDS AT MIDNIGHT Share Dreamy Diary Bop With Single ‘BOYS LIKE YOU’

Earlier this year Kids at Midnight – also known as Australian singer Jane Elizabeth Hanley – released her enchanting single ‘Boys Like You’.

The absolute bop gives a sense of nostalgia, reminding its listener what it used to be like being a teenager and falling in love for the first time. The track is filled with dreamy synths which flows side by side with Kids at Midnight’s flawless vocals. The single has a unique sound and has no comparison to anything that is currently in the charts – making it completely original and one of a kind.

‘Boys Like You’ will entice you from the first second of listening. With its dream like atmosphere, you will find yourself in a contempt and relaxed state. Let the song calm you and take all your troubles away by streaming it through Spotify now!

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