Jonatha Brooke’s Confessional EP Is Years In The Making

The new release from Jonatha Brooke might be years in the making. It’s a bare-all dive into the parts of the psyche we are most ashamed of and it’s the perfect way to get those negative feelings out in the open this winter-y season.

Promising to deliver new material to her NYC Song Club every two weeks led to Brooke writing ‘Imposter’, a song tempting to call career-defining, had her career not already included countless ‘definers’.

‘Imposter’ is the ultimate ode to Brooke’s inner critic, the song which bares all of her insecurities and reveals that even this widely successful musician with a career spanning over two decades feels like she might not belong sometimes. Set to a beautifully orchestrated descending string section and culminating in an instrumentational arrangement which wouldn’t feel out of place marching through an old town square (something cleverly reflected in the lyrics to the song as well), ‘Imposter’ is a clear stand out of the EP.

Also worth mentioning is the track ‘Firefly’ which deals with the themes of forgiveness and loss in the open and honest way only Brooke can. Her vocal line is always a joy to behold, and she tackles each and every melody with her seasoned and cultivated talent which has been years in the making.

This confessional EP is a real treat to listen to, beginning to end, with Brooke’s intellectual and honest lyrics never failing to take centre stage. It’s a courageous EP to put out at this, or any, stage of a career, and it will no doubt encourage others to face their fears too.

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