JBACH Will Be There ‘When The Dark Comes’ in Latest Innovative Single

JBACHs latest single, ‘When The Dark Comes’, offers a deeply personal insight into being faithful, and embracing each others’ insecurities.

Produced by Taylor Sparks, ‘When The Dark Comes’ begins with a sleek guitar riff that sets the foundation to the lush tune. The track sets itself apart with clever ornamentation tying everything together: from soda cans opening to zipper sound effects, these disparate effects blend into one captivating single. As with his previous single, ‘Taste’ which used IPhone Apps, JBACH consistently finds new ways of using sounds to, establish a clear and fascinating voice which sets him apart from other pop artists.

JBACH’s vocals dominate the track, taking control by casually shifting rhythms, the song is fresh and never feels the same. The dynamic track consistently brings new energy as one makes their way through it. ‘When The Dark Comes’ is about being open with your partner. Knowing that you’ve been hurt before and you’ll work through whatever bad things may come up in the relationship.

The son of two Chaldean pharmacists, JBACH was pushed into studying the medical field. It wasn’t until his The Voice audition where he found music was what he needed to do. Shortly after his time on The Voice, under team Pharrell, he decided to leave school behind and pursue music full time.

Taking that leap of faith paid off, opening for EDM megastars The Chainsmokers and Daya in 2017, as well as writing lyrics for PXTN’s ‘Barricade’ featured on iTunes Charts, Billboard and PopStar Magazine. Bach continues to bring an intense level of energy in each song of his. His work ethic, happy-go-lucky perspective and optimism make his carefree pop singles endearing. His songwriting credits have achieved over 1.8 million Spotify streams.

JBACH gives us another single this time asking us to look within and be more loving and accepting each others’ imperfections. Still filled with cutting-edge instrumentation JBACH is a delight in what he has to offer next.

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