From Anxiety To Alignment: Hawaii Based Steven Sedalia Releases Debut Album

Singer songwriter Steven Sedalia has just dropped his meaningful and inspirational debut album ‘Mauna’. The album is now available to listen to through Steven’s website.

The sound of ‘Mauna’ is nothing like you’ll hear in the mainstream music scene. The Hawaiian singer cleverly blends unique instrumentation alongside his deep and heartfelt lyrics. Steven finds his inspiration in the world around him.

Although he grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, Sedalia has lived on an organic fruit and veg farm on Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands for several years. Surrounded by such an incredible environment, there’s no wonder as to how Steven is able to write such motivational songs filled with love and inspiration.

The album consists of 14 stunning tracks and ‘Mauna’ translates to mountain in Hawaiian and silence in Sanskrit – making it the perfect title for this particular project.

Steven Sedalia - photo credit David Marsh
Steven Sedalia – photo credit David Marsh

Speaking of the album, Steven states that:

“These are love songs to the land, to that which grows on it, to those who live on it, to my heart that beats with it, to the waters, and to the Spirit who made us all, with aloha.”

Not only is the album an enjoyable listen, but it is also a reflection on the singer’s journey to overcoming anxiety. Steven uses his talented ability to write songs as a way of therapy;

 “I now believe the ultimate tool to release anxiety, and what the final straw for me was, and continues to be, is to express myself in the most vulnerable way possible. When my heart’s truth is sung and shared with the world, this action creates alignment, and tension dissolves.”

The new album is out now and be sure to follow Steven’s official website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud for further updates.

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