Dance With Me Tonight: Olly Murs Wins Hearts With Nottingham Performance

Olly Murs is currently touring the UK and Ireland, promoting his ‘You Know | I Know’ album. Malvika Padin caught his show on May 6, at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena.

Energetic, engaging and a little bit naughty, Olly Murs took the stage at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena for the first of two dates of his UK tour, ‘You Know I Know’.

The former X-Factor runner up began the show sitting among the crowds, belting out ‘Moves’/’Shape of You’, sashaying his way onto the stage with his catchy vocals and smooth dance moves.

Playing a mix of old and new, from ‘Dear Darlin’, to ‘Up’, to ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ and his most popular offering ‘Trouble Maker’, Olly with his infectious smile, twinkling eyes, and chatty personality, comes across as a person who can get away with anything; from incessant crotch grabbing to fumbling on lyrics, applause is all he received.

Speaking of his personal struggles with mental health encapsulated in ‘Talking to Yourself’, he explained that “if he can help one person tonight, then he has done his job.” And while he may have started the song on the wrong verse, requesting to start over – nothing was lost as his fans continued to cheer him on.

The soon-to-be-35-year-old has a youthful energy that never seems to fade, right until the end as final track of the night, ‘Dance With Me Tonight’, became the fan favourite, getting everyone in the audience from toddlers to pensioners up on their feet.

The wide age range of his predominantly female audiences – whom he often made flirtatious reference to, shows the pull of Olly’s magnetic personality.

There may have been instances where his vocals were nasally or out of tune, but when you’re entranced by his silly jokes and his endearing stage presence, it’s hard to be critical, and the night was one you couldn’t help but enjoy.

Tickets and further details about Olly’s continued tour are available from Gigs and Tours, and Ticketmaster.

You can stream and download ‘You Know I Know’, here. Find Olly Murs online on his official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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