Seven Past Sunset – ‘Overwhelmed’

From the American Mid-west, rock band Seven Past Sunset formed in 2017. Vocalist Dustin Hites was busy working on his solo-career, playing in venues around Ohio. A friend of now-guitarist Johnny Krill caught his set, and had Johnny listen over the phone. A week later the pair met up and joined forces in Soup Can Studio, putting down their first songs, with the rest of the band rounded out by Jeremy Rober on bass and vocals, and Scottie Vining on drums.

Seven Past Sunset cite their influences as the likes of Shinedown, and Pop Evil, and their music is inspired by their personal trials and tribulations – they want their songs to be relatable to their listeners, and to bring hope to their situations. 2019 is the year they’re bringing their music to the world, with ‘Overwhelmed’ their debut single.

The video for ‘Overwhelmed’ opens with a man being rushed off in a stretcher. He thinks he wakes up, but it appears to be a dream. He’s walking down a street, and notices everything around him seems to be set in reverse: people, cars, everything, are going backwards. A woman appears to be avoiding him, and when he finds a photo of someone who looks exactly like her, he approaches her to compare her with the image. She disappears, and life returns to normal…and the car which had been driving backwards, starts driving forwards…and hits him.

The clip is symbolic of a toxic relationship between the pair. They’ve got in too deep, and life feels like a backwards chase. Speaking about the song, Hites explains that ‘Overwhelming is,

“a relatable song based on the daily struggles a couple faces inside of a failing relationship. They are trapped in a partnership that feels as though it is killing them internally, but are too afraid, or too comfortable to leave.”

It’s a constant cycle – difficult to escape. Like in the clip, he finally returns to her, and tragedy strikes, illustrating that everytime someone returns to a toxic person, they’re setting themselves up to be hurt again.

Check out Seven Past Sunset on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Stream and download their music on SoundCloud, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

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