LUENA: ‘Honeymoon Phase’

Talented vocalist and songwriter LUENA has returned with her brand new single ‘Honeymoon Phase’. The track features her characteristically dynamic vocals and showcases her talents for writing sensitive and relatable lyrics. The release shows a different side to this young artist and makes it clear that she is certainly not a one trick pony.

‘Honeymoon Phase’ has a simple start with a laidback synth introduction, other instrumentation is then introduced including a driving percussion part and LUENA’s commanding and yet delicate vocals.

‘Honeymoon Phase’ tells the story of a relationship that we all wish we could have, one that remains in the giddying and excited initial phase of any new union – where disagreements haven’t yet surfaced, and the romantic intentions are at an all-time high.

The track paints a picture of a relationship that we should all aspire to, one that is focused on compassion, understanding, and most importantly love – a mature and noble sentiment for such a young artist.

With ‘Honeymoon Phase’ having just been released, LUENA has now turned her attention to her upcoming live performances where she will be supporting The Vamps on their national UK tour. An opportunity that will give LUENA the chance to widen her fanbase and impress gig goers with her magnetic stage presence.

Check out ‘Honeymoon Phase’ below:

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