A Conversation with Brother and Sister Duo The Luck

Polly Havelock caught up with Max and Esmay of ‘The Luck’ to talk artistic inspirations, what it’s like to write and tour with your sibling, and their musical heroes. Check out their brand new single ‘If This is Love’, and head to their website for more information on their upcoming UK tour.

What was the creative process like behind ‘Is This Love’? 

It was our first co-write in Los Angeles. We sat down with two other siblings – two brothers in fact – and instantly found this sort of comfortable, common ground. Esmay started talking about a breakup she was going through at the time, Max tuned his guitar to DADGAD and there was a lot of pacing…and four part harmonies. It was an emotional day, very powerful, but cathartic as well.

What’s it like making music together? 

It’s incredibly natural..and often hilarious! It’s frequently littered with banter, jokes, loud opinions, high conviction and occasional differing artistic opinions… but the coolest thing about making music with your brother or sister is that you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed in front of them and you know they’ve got your back, no matter what – which definitely makes for a very open writing session. And when they give you feedback, it’s always absolutely honest; there’s no hidden agenda, it’s just straight-up, which can also save a lot of time.

Do you think it’s bought you closer together? 

It has definitely brought us geographically closer together, and spiritually too. Once you go on tour with someone and see them everyday, experience random adventures and funny/awful situations together – and they’re your blood relative, well, it helps you know and understand each other better. As does writing with them! It can also enable you to wind each other up 10x better than before, but once you get over yourself, you see there’s a lot of amazing things you can do as a team.

Where did the inspiration behind the track come from? 

‘If This Is Love’ was inspired by the feeling you get when you break up with someone, but wonder if you’ve made the right decision. The only comforting thought at moments like that, is that if you’re really meant to be together, you’ll end up together one day in the future and all the heartache will be worth it.

What’s your musical journey been like so far? 

Such an adventure, so many ups and downs but there have been amazing experiences we never would have dreamt of having…Like playing at the Troubadour in LA, or performing at the Eastwood Sound Stage at Warner Bros. Pictures in Burbank, or even on Al Capone’s yacht. Random journeys and a lot of days that we have looked at each other and said, ‘blimey, never thought we’d do that!’

If you could both work with any artist, dead or alive, who would you both pick and why? 

It would be amazing to sit down with Fleetwood Mac and jam. Max took a lot of inspiration from Lindsey Buckingham and Esmay from Stevie Nicks’ writing… Plus Mick on drums, John on bass and Christine on keys – it’d be amazing.

Can you describe your music in just three words? 

Uplifting, hopeful anthems.

What else have you got coming up? 

We are currently on UK tour and very excited in particular for our London show on Friday 12 April – as we will be playing it with our drummer and electric guitarist! We are also releasing our debut album, ‘Ready To Run’ this summer!

So what is next for this talented, sibling duo? Well, riding high after the success of their recently released single ‘If This is Love’, and currently preparing for their national UK tour, get ready to hear a lot more about this musical pair…

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