Steve Aoki – Rock City, Nottingham February 19 2019

Energies skyrocketed in Nottingham, as leading EDM producer Steve Aoki took the stage with dance track after dance track, all familiar to your ears yet fresh and catchy.

Following the successful release of ‘Neon Future III’ – which brought together BTS, Blink-182 and Bill Nye in its production – last year, Aoki has embarked on an UK tour, stopping off at Rock City on 19th February.

Music DJ trio Cheat Codes, and Deorro, the support acts for the tour, hyped the crowd, setting the scene perfectly for Aoki, with a collection of popular tracks.

Aoki took the stage, greeting the city of music lovers as massive crowds chanted his name in unison. Audience interaction and enthusiasm become all important- with him taking pictures with the hordes of fans, and at one point throwing out birthday cakes hitting people who only seem all too happy to have the treat crash into them- for the entirety of the two hours; which end feeling all too short when it ends.

Performing several crowd pleasers including Alan Walker’s ‘Are you Lonely’ and the remix version of BTS’s ‘Mic Drop’ and many other well-known tracks, he maintains a brilliant level of energy from start to finish- an energy that imposes itself and transfers to his audiences.

Psychedelic on some level with flashing lights and booming music, the show was one worth attending and the night one to remember, as it left you dancing and bopping along.

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