Six Quick Questions With Charlie Melrose

Born into a musical family, the niece of 80s icon Hazel O’Connor, Charlie Melrose comes into her own with the release of empowering new single, ‘The Original Ghost’. Tackling “ghosting” in her single, a concept that’s very personal to her, Charlie gets candid in conversation with us about her relationship with her absent father, advice she would give to someone experiencing the heartbreak and insecurity that comes with ghosting, and more.

1) What is the inspiration/message behind ‘The Original Ghost’?

The song is written about my biological father who is the ‘original ghost’. He was the first man to ever ghost me (repeatedly). I find the song quite empowering though because it captures the moment that I ‘ghosted’ him back. I stood up to him, around this time last year actually, he came all the way from Canada to Brighton (he was on tour with my aunt) and I met up with him only to say – never ever contact me again, we’re done. I suppose that’s actually a bit nicer than ghosting, I at least told him what was going on. But I needed to do it for me, and it set me free.

2) Is your music based more off personal experiences or do you take creative liberties with it?

It’s definitely based on my own experiences yes, although sometimes it can be based on other people’s if something that’s happened to them has inspired me or moved me in some way.

3) How would you describe your sound and how has it evolved?

My sound has evolved a lot. For a while we (my producer and I) seemed to be finding our feet with it, trying lots of different styles, although it has always been soulful (with this project).

Now it’s developed into a more artpop/neo-soul vibe and I’m loving it. I like big grooves, synths, and MJ style guitar.

4) If listeners could take away one message from your music what would you want that to be?

Hopefully it inspires them to be true to themselves, because I’ve always seen my songwriting as very genuine. Stay real.

5) As you say, the single is about a personal experience – of your dad “ghosting you” – if you could give a piece of advice, either to your younger self or someone else who may be going through such an experience themselves, what would that be?

I’m not sure what advice I’d give…it’s tricky. I would say that I forgave my dad too much and put the blame all on myself, which caused me so many self worth and self esteem issues…but I still wouldn’t have changed anything I did because all that stuff has made me who I am, I’m way stronger now and since standing up to him I feel invincible (instead of invisible)

6) Finally, what’s one question no one asks you in an interview you wish you were asked?

Ooooh ok, that’s actually really hard to answer!

Maybe a “would you rather” question. Like “would you rather meet Postman Pat or Fireman Sam in real life?”

To which my answer would of course be ‘Fireman Sam’ I mean come on… he saves people’s lives and all Postman Pat does is deliver things… although he does have a good cat… but I’m allergic so…Sam!

‘The Original Ghost’ is available to stream and download from iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and Spotify. Find Charlie online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Charlie Melrose - The Original Ghost (Official Video)

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