Parisan deathcore quintet FRCTRD release new video single ‘Tyrant’

Deathcore Parisans’ FRCTRD return screaming with rage in their latest single ‘Tyrant’. Following their signing to US label We Are Triumphant in 2017 and re-release of their self-titled EP, FRCTRD are ready to take the world by storm in 2019.

Unfortunately the band did not start out with the best luck. Their initial tour history involved a case of food poisoning from eating too much chicken, and their computer, full of lyrics, productions, and recordings of their unfinished debut album, being stolen whilst on tour in the UK. Despite this misfortune, FRCTRD are determined to get back on track.

Although fans may recognise their sound, FRCTRD’s single ‘Tyrant’ presents subtle changes with both a crisper perspective and revised grit. While the inclusion of a hardcore melodic vocals from drummer Manu de Labby may surprise some, the outcome is next level.

‘Tyrant’ opens with a pleasant dreamy intro which is abruptly cut off to welcome the staccato technical meta that the band clearly excels at. It mixes huge breakdowns with even bigger riffs – something which all good heavy metal should do. The chorus however, cuts through the darkness to provide respite from the aggression.

FRCTRD said:

At its core, ‘Tyrant’ is about looking for relief; the quest of a new safe haven as the previous one has been torn apart. It goes further than that, though, as it’s also about breaking free from the tyrants that lead our lives and taking back the right to make decisions for ourselves.”

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