Blue Stone ft. Susan Bodily – ‘Chasing Helium’

Blue Stone’s video, for their new single, ‘Chasing Helium’ looks like a dream sequence. In reality however it’s a much needed-wake up call for when the trials of life get too much for us.

Blue Stone is made up of US-based producer and composer duo, Bill Walters and Robert Smith. Smith is behind underground electronic outfit, Bella Sonus, whose sound is the base for Blue Stone’s ethereal music. Not simply electronic based, there’s natural percussion, tribal rhythms, and analogue instrumentation woven into the mix. There’s also female vocalists providing their own otherworldly touch.

‘Chasing Helium’ is very descriptive of the duo’s layered song work. Co-written by indie producer, and Global Heist Recordings partner, Michael Baker, it features the vocals of Susan Bodily, signed to Global Heist. The track is co-released between Global Heist and Neurodisc, with finishing touches coming from The Regency production house.

Lyrics such as:

“It’s just the way that it goes

You get high and wake up alone

It seems no one ever calls

You wonder why you bother to pay for a phone.”

…show that the video isn’t just a beautiful backdrop: Bodily’s breathy melodies are light and angelic, and paint a picture of a life less-lived.

The message is to consider what you’re missing out on, and how to achieve it. Are you worth more? What are you doing in your life that you could be doing better? How could you best live?

Find out more about Blue Stone online on their Instagram page.

Blue Stone - "Chasing Helium" ft. Susan Bodily (Official Video)

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