GRAACE – ‘Last Night’

New and upcoming 21 year old Australian singer, GRAACE, has released a new video of her single ‘Last Night’, a little taste of what is to come in her debut EP, ‘SELF SABOTAGE’, due for release October 26th.

‘Last Night’, co-written by Graace and Xavier Dunn, is infused with delicate vocals, steeped with passion and moored by its brazen piano melody. This alternative pop track spotlights the inabilities to commit to another due to lack of love in one’s self.

GRAACE explains ‘Last Night’ was created while sitting at her piano one night:

“I realised I’d been writing about the same situation for years but with different people. I was managing to to recreate the same scenarios in other relationships because I wasn’t fully in love with myself before committing to somebody else.”

Engaging the same softness and sentimentality as Birdy, and the stylish mood and passionate themes as Ellie Goulding, GRAACE nails the empowering, indie pop chick motif. The essence of her story is distilled in her honest video, unveiling her natural ambience.

Aimlessly walking through floral paths lit by street lamps, the dainty mise-en-scene graciously conveys her emotion. Her soulful verses burst with colour and speedy panning shots in her final chorus, really giving that final ‘oomph’ to the track.

A summery, intimate and ardent song. Keep the tracks coming GRAACE!

‘Last Night’ is available to stream and download here. Find GRAACE online on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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