Elma – ‘Dreamland’

Elma is a duo that has hit the UK and are being described as ‘contemporary vintage’, which I strongly agree with. They take a classic beat and create their own range from it making something new from what we all know. Elma consists of singer Ellie Gillett and multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Mark Ellis.

Elma’s vocals are incredibly unique with a soothing property to it. Their new album, ‘Dreamland’, set for release on September 28, will see more and more people tuning in to hear their unique music.

Title track, ‘Dreamland’, creates a soft soothing tone, which flows well with Ella’s vocals. The song itself pursues a story of being yourself, and not what people think you are as, as Elma say, “they don’t know me at all”.

‘Dreamland’ is the term Elma uses to describe the state that these people who claim to know her are in.

Another highlight from the album is the track ‘California’, a more upbeat song which encourages the listener to sway along to it.

Find out more about Elma online on Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud. Stream and download ‘Dreamland’ from Amazon, and Spotify.

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