Q & A with Olivier St. Louis

Berlin-based singer/songwriter Olivier St. Louis has recently released new single ‘Wondering Wanderer’ taken from his debut LP. He talks about the inspiration behind the single, the evolution of his sound, and reveals his other loves-from coffee to fashion- besides music.

EP: What would you say is the inspiration/message behind ‘Wondering Wanderer’?

OSL: The inspiration came from self-reflection amidst my journey to figure out who I was. Not just musically, but personally.  Getting a stronger sense of that would determine the decisions I would make moving forward in my chosen vocation.  The message was intended to bring to light the thoughts and frustrations we have when in the thick of figuring out our purpose in life. To understand it’s okay to feel frustration and ‘eventually’ a sense of numb to the trials and tribulations during the journey. Just as long as you stick it out and keep faith in believing it doesn’t mean you’re lost. Just figuring it out.  Slow and steady wins the race. Patience is key. Even though many times that key is really small and easy to lose lol

EP: How would you describe your sound? And how would you say its evolved?

OSL: If I had to give it a description, I would call it ‘Black Rock’. It encompasses all of the guitar and blues-inspired music I consumed during some of my formative years growing up in Washington DC. Funk, (Parliament-Funkadelic, Prince and Don Blackman), blues ( Muddy waters/ BB and Freddy king), and RnB (Shuggie Otis, Sly and The Family Stone). Although all of this was pumping through radio and playing on vinyl at home, I didn’t really delve into studying it as a musician until I took some time away from my career as a session vocalist, to figure out what I was about musically.  During that period of research and my new found love for the guitar, all of that influence in my long-term memory came flooding back. I was picking it all apart in a new way. This is the essence of what you hear now.

EP: If listeners could take away one message from your music, what would you want that to be?

OSL: Figure out what you’re meant for and do it. Unapologetically.

EP: What’s one question no one asks in an interview you wish you were asked?

OSL:I wish someone would ask me about my other loves. I am a fanatic for coffee, whisky, heritage wear men’s tailoring. I could talk about stuff like that for days. After I get to where I want to be with music, men’s tailoring and fashion might be my next endeavour.

EP: What has been a really memorable moment in your career so far? And what’s next for you?

OSL: The moment I got my hands on my first physical EP release ‘Black Music’. as Olivier St. Louis. Before that release, I went by ‘Olivier Daysoul’ as my artist name. That moniker, despite achieving some success, was never really authentic. The ‘Black Music’ EP release was a hallmark for me because I’d finally realised who I was as an artist and a person. Someone I really wanted to invest in moving forward in my career and my life.

Listen to ‘Wondering Wanderer’ below:

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