80’s Icon Tiffany Releases New Video For Latest Single ‘Worlds Away’ Ahead Of Album Release 21 September

On 21 September, 80s pop legend Tiffany will release her new album, ‘Pieces Of Me’, on Go On Then Records, via Absolute Label Services.

The singer has a career of more than 30 years and a sizeable and devoted fanbase, and ‘Pieces Of Me’, although a step away from what her fans might expect, won’t disappoint, with its fusion of rock and pop. The 11 track album highlights Tiffany’s vocals, songwriting, and production skills, while at the same time showcasing her gift for crafting radio friendly choruses.

 “It’s not what people will think a Tiffany album should sound like,” says Tiffany. “From the writing process to recording, and producing, and working with amazing musicians that understood my vision – this is the music that’s been in my heart for a very long time. It’s time to fulfill my dreams and step into these shoes.”

Tiffany’s first single, ‘Worlds Away’, will be released on August 31, and the song sets the tone for the entire album, featuring big vocals, big drums and big electric guitar riffs showcasing an authority from Tiffany people might not have seen before.

“I’m in total control of my music now. I was written off as a one hit wonder but I’ve continued to release music, and to grow as an artist, and this album is all about that growth. It’s about change.”

Other highlights on the album include the infectious yet powerful ‘Feels Like A Storm’, the anthemic ‘Waste Of Time’, the introspective title track, ‘Pieces Of Me’ the rock song, ‘King Of Lies’, and the piano led, ‘Hey There’, the only ballad on the album, and one which lets Tiffany’s voice shine. Fun pop rock track, ‘Beautiful’ is available with all album pre-orders, and brings to mind the classic sounds of Blondie.

‘Pieces Of Me’ was recorded in Nashville, LA, and London, and found Tiffany coming together with a vast array of talented, and experienced musicians, for what she’s described as “the most organic musical experience of her career”. These included co-producers Mark Alberici (also lead guitar) and Steven Leiweke and musicians like The Killing Floor, Oliver Alberici (Rhythm Guitar) Cody Waggett (Drums) and Jake Barr (Bass). There were also guest players; Mark Brzezicki (of Big Country/The Cult/Pete Townsend) and Johnny Martin (of LA Guns/The Chelsea Smiles/Adler).

“I’m very fortunate to have these people on the record,” says Tiffany. “You couldn’t get any better than this. They all bring their own talents to the album and the end result is not just a Tiffany record, it was recorded as a band, and it’s a band album.  A lot of them are now with me on the road too, so you’ll hear the record how it was recorded when we play it live.”

‘Pieces of Me’ is out September 21.  Pre order here.

Fans in the UK can catch Tiffany live at Rewind North Festival tomorrow.

Tiffany - Worlds Away

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