Barbudo Return With ‘Secret Admirer’

With their funk hybrid rhythms and enrobing synths, Portsmouth born trio Barbudo are making waves on the alt. music scene. Their music is a melting pot of old-school-funk, latin rhythms, and classic soul. Their groovy basslines combine with intoxicating vocal harmonies to create a sound that is truly beautiful.

Riding high on the success of their last EP ‘Pleasures’ the boys are back again with the infectiously catchy ‘Secret Admirer’. The track starts simply with a lackadaisical guitar riff and a commanding percussion part. The song builds in texture (with the addition of a strong synth presence and some dynamic electric guitar) before the vocals are introduced. They are strong and powerful and yet they do not overpower the instrumentation. They hover freely at the top of the song providing a great focal point for the track.

Brothers Ben and Harry Stanworth, and friend Elliot Salter are no strangers to recognition. Since releasing their first EP they have quickly gained notoriety professionally and commercially, with them being coined “Ones to Watch” across the industry.

‘Secret Admirer’ is about guilty pleasures, it is about those things that we know we shouldn’t like, but we just can’t help it… “Like listening to Coldplay when you are sad”, said Harry when asked about his own instance of this. The track is playful, and lively, and just the kind of summer hit that we have been waiting for. Check it out below and keep an eye on their socials to see what Barbudo get up to next!

Find Barbudo online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Barbudo - Secret Admirer (Official Video)

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