Video Premiere – ‘Freezing’ By Gg

Riding on the success of her previous EP ‘Four Days’, Gg is back and even more arthouse than before – if that is possible. July 20th sees the release of ‘Freezing’, a hypnotic pop fusion track featuring Gg’s hauntingly beautiful vocals.

The new track comes alongside a music video that is just classically Gg. She stands alone in a snowy forest moving around the attenuated shapes of the trees, a theme that is interrupted with shots of bear traps, security camera’s attached to trees, and scenes where Gg looks truly chilling (no pun intended). It has a truly cinematic quality, and is everything that you could want from this Russian enigma.

‘Freezing’ begins with a strong drum beat and eerie synths, instrumentation that makes for an intro that is equal parts un-nerving and intriguing. Gg’s vocals then join the mix and they are as ethereally delicate as they are commanding.

The song builds up until it reaches its climax. ‘I’ve learned to stay cool // now it’s getting freezing’, sings Gg and the conviction and power in her voice makes her impossible to disbelieve.

Stay tuned to find out what this Russian Enigma gets up to next, and check out her brand new video below!

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