Kalpee – ‘Colourful’

Having racked up over 12 million streams since the release of his debut single ‘No One’, last May, it’s safe to say that Trinidadian born Kalpee is a real one to watch.

He now returns with his second single ‘Colourful’, an upbeat and dynamic track with a hook so catchy you’ll be humming it for days… Starting simply, the track places Kalpee’s vocals front and centre – which is right where they should be. The single then intensifies with the introduction of a percussive drum beat and a strong synth presence. There is a dream like quality to the track giving it an almost ethereal feel.

‘Colourful’ is a melting pot of genres and influences, a fact that is perhaps not surprising given Kalpee’s proud Trinidadian heritage. Funk, RnB, Reggae, and Pop combine to create a track that is unique, and creative, and musically beautiful – it is a real triumph.

Kalpee began to hone his craft at a young age, as shown through his participation in the productions at his Primary and Secondary schools, the same schools that he also represented at national music festivals. His professional career began when he became a founding member of the popular young band ‘The Entourage’.

But now Kalpee has turned his full attention to his solo career. With millions of streams under his belt, and fans eager to see what he releases next, things are about to get very exciting for this musical Maverick… Stay tuned to find out what he gets up to next, and listen to colourful here!

Kalpee - Colourful ( Official Music Video )

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