Psychedelic Rock Band Maker Delivers Power-Packed Debut Album ‘DEA’

Excitement at the beginning, followed by a voyage of bluesy punch, with a comforting end to finish things off, Kent-based psychedelic rock band Maker delivers a debut album, packed with powerful music.

Starting off the album with ‘Soul’, an action-packed track with funky guitar sounds strewn within, and ending with  a reprise, ‘(Little Bit of) Soul’, a quietly comforting piece, the album is a perfectly wrapped gift to its listeners.

The track ‘Dead Ends and Avenues’, for which the album, ‘DEA’ is named, comes in at number two within the 12-track album and is a fitting follow-up to ‘Soul’. A perfect representation of the band’s sound, it’s a track that’s about triumph, of overcoming obstacles, of not truckling to pressures.

‘Move Your Feet’ is a highlight, as it comes in loud and blaring, asking to be heard – getting listeners on their feet, doing exactly that, moving their feet as the catchy rhythm takes over.

Another similarly catchy highlight, that begs for an encore is funky rock track, ‘Quick Getaway’, that comes in at number five.

‘Girl Quit Your Crying’ acts an interlude between two tracks that beg for replay, and is most the bluesy track of the bunch. With a piano instrumental to serve as it central feature, the track serves to mix up the pace of the album and is perfectly placed.

Following on from ‘Quick Getaway’ comes as a surprising yet welcome change of style with the track ‘John’s Pharmacy’, which features violins and beckons a country blues feel. ‘Coming In From the Rain’ with a softer – there, but low-level rock – feel, is a similar track that strays from the band’s usual bold and funky rock style.

Going to back to what’s expected of them, the four-piece deliver slow-paced yet funky rock tracks, ‘Curtain Call’, and ‘Soaked Up’.

Another highlight within the album is ‘Get Me Through’, a mix of soft rock with a hint of country music, that never fails to make you sway along when it comes within earshot.

Coming in towards the end is power-packed, guitar-heavy, ‘She’s On Replay’. Well-placed as a penultimate track, it signals the end of a memorable party, before ‘(Little Bit of) Soul’ comes in a softer version of the opener track to bookend the album.

With 12 tracks and an arrangement that keeps listeners on their toes, Maker successfully alternates between what is expected of them with a sprinkle of something new, in this debut album.

‘DEA’ is out now via Kidda Records.

Follow Maker on their official website, Twitter and Facebook.

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