Hannah Jane Lewis Speaks To Beth Weir About ‘Aftershock’ And Future Plans

It’s been a wild year for the young artist Hannah Jane Lewis. With her last single ‘Raincheck’ surpassing over 1 million views on Spotify, we wanted to know what is next for the talented pop musician. Our writer, Beth Weir had the pleasure of catching up with Hannah to talk about her latest single ‘Aftershock’ and to talk about her recent work touring schools, discussing her journey and inspiring other young people.

BW: Hannah, it seems like this has been a crazy time for you. With your last single ‘Raincheck’ getting over 1 million streams on Spotify, how does it all feel?

HJL: Ah yes it’s a super exciting time! We’ve had some great support from Spotify and Radio 1/BBC introducing – which I’m so thankful for. Just can’t wait to release more songs this year!

BW: We know your influences come from the likes of Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears, but who would you say currently in the charts inspires you?

HJL: I absolutely love Tove Styrke (not sure if she’s in the charts, but I think her music is amazing). I also love Dua Lipa, I think she’s such a great example for new female artists and her music is great. Big fan of Kim Petras too! Also Raye!

BW: If you could create a super group with any three additional artists, who would you pick and why?

HJL: Maybe me, Loop, Emily Burns and L Devine. We’re all fresh new artists and I LOVE their music. Rooting for them! 💪🏻

BW: We hear that you’re going into schools, talking about the effects of bullying and inspiring young people to follow their dreams. Can you tell us more about why you’ve chosen to do this?

HJL: I really enjoy doing it! I think it’s so much tougher to be a teenager now than it’s ever been, so if I can help in any way then great. With bullying, I’ve seen people really close to me be seriously affected by it so it’s definitely something I care about. With following your dreams, I got told lots of time when I was younger to set my sights on something more realistic. Thankfully I didn’t listen but lots of people do, so I like to go in and encourage them to think big!

BW: So Hannah, you’ve just released your latest single ‘Aftershock’, can you tell us what it’s about?

HJL: It’s about breaking up with someone and thinking you are over them, until you see them out and about with someone new. I describe it as a massive tantrum in a song, it’s a throw your toys out of the pram moment. This situation happened to one of my friends recently which is what sparked this idea, but I think it’s really universal and something I’ve gone through before. It’s the worst. Lol

BW: Your songs have been described as 100% pop, what is it about this genre that really draws you to it?

HJL: I just think that once you commit to that pure pop thing, there’s so much freedom in it! That’s what I love about pop, it’s really fun more than anything else. I love the artists that unabashedly commit to it, and have larger than life visuals/quirky lyrics – the ones who aren’t afraid and take risks. That’s what I love!

BW: What was it like growing up in America?

HJL: So fun, but so completely different to everything I was used to! Before I moved there I was at an all-girls boarding school in Surrey, and then suddenly I was at this co-ed Floridian high school that was just like the movies. It was a really great place to grow up though, I’d go to the beach every weekend with my friends or take their boats out – so fun. Sometimes I look back and it feels like I lived a completely different life.

BW: Can you name both a song and a film that are your (not so) guilty pleasures?

HJL: Hmm I feel like I shout about all my guilty pleasures lol no shame! But maybe ‘Potential Breakup Song’ by Aly and Aj (TUNE). Film wise, I watch the ‘Spice World Movie’ all the time which I LOVE – not really a guilty pleasure because I don’t keep it a secret.

Stream and download ‘Aftershock’ here. Follow Hannah Jane Lewis on Twitter, and Facebook.

Hannah Jane Lewis - Aftershock (Lyric Video)

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