Saccadic Eye Motion releases his 10th LP ‘Silver Soul’

Considered one of the most well-kept secrets of the Israeli music scene, Saccadic Eye Motion has released his 10th LP, ‘Silver Soul’.

With a career spanning a decade and 9 albums and EPs, his music ranges from shoegaze to ambient-pop, mixing genres & experimenting moods.

‘Silver Soul’, which is to be released via niche label Schwarz Neon Licht Records, is a 21 track saga full of dreamy sonic landscapes & repetitive hymns – a mix of live instruments with electronics to create a unique world of sound.

A step into the future – with its mix acoustic and digital sounds. The album is a long look at the reflections of where the world is at right now and where we go from here.

Split into two – with half of the songs assessing the world’s problems and the other half offering hypothetical scenarios of a future world- ‘Silver Soul’ is a treasure- with no two songs sounding the same- that invites you to listen and encourages you to listen to it on repeat.

Follow Saccadic Eye Motion’s music on his Spotify and listen to ‘Silver Soul’ on his Bandcamp page.

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