Dos Floris – ‘Silence’

It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with Dos Floris, a multi-instrumentalist with a revolutionary fusion of electronic and acoustic music. Dos Floris’ latest single, ‘Silence’, is from her self-released debut album, ‘The Widowed Earth’, and has a video which embraces the themes of relinquishing the past, and embarking on a radical journey, with no looking back.

Florence Donovan made a life-changing move from the security of the 9 to 5, where on drunken nights out she would moan to anyone who would listen that all she ever wanted to do was work in music. Finally she took the plunge, and after bouncing between bands and genres with moderate success, she decided to become a solo artist. Her method was unconventional, but no less inspirational, and in what she describes as “Harry Potter Style”, she spent two years under the staircase at home writing, producing, and recording what would become ‘The Widowed Earth’. The result is an entrancing, and genre-defying cinematic soundscape, which Huffington Post describes as,

“[her] pieces are as much sound sculptures as they are songs.”

‘Silence’ meditates on thoughts of self, in relation to the world around us. Using hypnotic electronic sounds and soothing vocals, the video channels the viewers’ vision directly into the soft, subdued, pastel colour scheme. Directed by Gilly Booth and shot by Anthony Lucas and Jack Mealing, we follow Dos Floris as she walks away from normalacy – neither looking left, right, or back, but resolutely forwards. Her path has been paved by her own deliverance and determination. At one point she walks into the sea, her hair determinedly flapping in the breeze apace with her stride. She doesn’t know where she’s going on her journey, but she’s determined to get there, and her focus is strong and intense.

‘Silence’ is available to stream on Spotify, and download and stream from Apple Music. You can find out more about Dos Floris online from her official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Dos Floris - Silence

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