Blakeley – ‘Holiday Vinyl’

‘Holiday Vinyl’ from Brooklyn’s Blakeley is a languid love song about loss and longing sung while holding tightly to a bottle of Jack Daniels. It’s not your traditional Christmas song by any means, it’s the sort of Christmas song sung by someone who’s seen the other side, the down side, the dark side. ‘Holiday Vinyl’ is sad and raw with only the jingling bells (plus a few references to Christmas) which pin it down to any particular season.

The lyrics take no prisoners as Blakeley mournfully (yet beautifully) drawls:

Kiss me softly
Hold me tight
Blinded by the faint appearing silent night
I come around and I see you smile
Dancin’ to some nauseous holiday vinyl
Raise your glass my lover
I got them Christmas blues
Raise your glass my lover
I got them New York City Christmas blues.

The contrast between New York City, immaculately adorned with ornaments, and her private loneliness. It’s characteristic of the chameleon-like quality of Blakeley that she’s able to merge the likes of folk, EDM, and rockabilly surf style pop and come out with an incredible track which investigates topics as diverse as Edward Albee plays, and online dating.

Find out more about Blakeley from her official website, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

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