AKoVA – ‘Headlights’

AKoVA has been dubbed ‘The Rhythm King’ and he believes that wherever your heart is, there also you will find your treasure. This multi-instrumental talent does just this by following the route within him. He enthrals audiences by combining vocals, guitars, ukulele, cajon, djembe, ankle bells and an assortment of other percussive instruments, often all at once. Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, AKoVA has brought us his heartfelt story in the form of his new single, ‘Headlights’.

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AKoVA’s journey began as a child:

“I’ve been playing music ever since I was a kid. One day I was driving along with my old man when this song came on the radio… ‘Sunshine Superman’ by Donovan. That song put me on my path right there and then. Donovan’s been a big inspiration ever since.”

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‘Headlights’ comes from the perspective of a nuanced man, singing about the emotions a father undertakes when his daughter is growing up. The video opens up with a quote, “My daughter asked me, ‘Dad, how to I know if this guy is the one?’ This is my reply…”. As an open letter to his daughter, every word he sings is spewing out of his heart with deep flow. He asks her questions like, “Does he listen when you speak?” “Does he hold your hand while you fall asleep?”, gauging his daughter’s feelings. The chorus employs a passionate repetition of the line, “Are you in love right now?”, as orchestral strings flow in and out of the mix, creating an incredible climax at the end of this ballad.

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The music video features AKoVA walking down his neighborhood streets with intent, singing into the camera as it perpetually breaks away from him as a metaphor for his girl growing up and leaving him to start her life. After running after the camera one last time, he decides to let it go, for there is no stopping love.

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Find out more about AKoVA online from his official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. ‘Headlights’ is available from Apple Music.

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Akova - Headlights  (Offical Music Video)

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