Australia’s Rhythm King, AKoVA Releases The Very Stirring ‘Please Move’ Single And Video

An artist inspired by the likes of singer songwriters such as Donovan, and Bob Dylan, AKoVA uses music as a healing tool. Based on Australia’s Gold Coast, AKoVA says, “You either get bitter, or you get better”, and his new single, ‘Please Move’ certainly should be considered as such, along with the gorgeous accompanying music video.

AKoVA – ‘You Can Have Anything’

AKoVA has been declared “The Rhythm King” by Australian media, and he believes that wherever your heart is, that’s where you’ll find your treasure. We wrote about his song, ‘Headlights’, back in October, and now he’s back with the super inspirational, ‘You Can Have Anything’.

AKoVA – ‘Headlights’

AKoVA has been dubbed ‘The Rhythm King’ and he believes that wherever your heart is, there also you will find your treasure. This multi-instrumental talent does just this by following the route within him. He enthrals audiences by combining vocals, guitars, ukulele, cajon, djembe, ankle bells and an assortment of other percussive instruments, often all at once. Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, AKoVA has brought us his heartfelt story in the form of his new single, ‘Headlights’.