UK Rapper Honey G Of X-Factor Fame Releases New Single, ‘Hit You With The Honey G’

UK rapper, Honey G – who gained fame from X Factor, has hit the spotlight with her new single, ‘Hit You with Honey G’, out via her very own record label, H to the O Music. In an interview with Essentially Pop, she tells us more about the song, and also talks about her music influences, and fan base.

EP: What is the message and inspiration behind ‘Hit You with The Honey G’?

Honey G: My new single ‘Hit You with The Honey G’, mixed and mastered by Grammy award winner Liam Nolan is about my life and my experiences. It has a new hook and there’s a special dance in the chorus as well. It already has 10 million views on Unilad and LadBible.

EP: For any new audiences out there, how would you describe your sound? And would you say it has changed from the beginning of your career?

Honey G: My new music, I would class as real rap and real hip-hop, and that’s what I want to push. I’m not keen on pop. My label is also about promoting real, raw hip-hop.

The songs performed in my earlier days on X Factor were also real hip-hop, but the stuff I write now is – I would say – much more raw.

EP: What is your favourite thing about hip-hop?

Honey G: I come from a musical background. I grew up with hip-hop; I love the beats and lyrics of hip-hop tracks. Hip-hop is kind of all I know and all I’ve ever known really.

EP: Who have been major music influences in your life?

Honey G: Snoop Dogg, his ‘Doggystyle’ album came out when I was teenager and I memorised the entire album. While everyone else was playing hopscotch, I was busy memorising the lyrics of his album. Of course Missy Elliot is also a massive influence for me. I grew up with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston as well. Old-school R&B girl bands, like Total. I also love Jay Z and the newer crop of artist like Chance the Rapper and Lil’ Wayne too Loads and loads of influences.

EP: You are a role model to your fan base, how would you describe them?

Honey G: My fan base is quite broad, age-wise from kids as young 3-4 to people that are 50-60. They are very enthusiastic and passionate!

EP: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and what is the worst?

Honey G: The best piece of advice would probably be – perception is reality. I don’t think I’ve ever really been given a bad piece of advice to be honest.

EP: What’s next for Honey G?

Honey G: I’ve been at the studio, recording.  Produced two new songs and I’m looking to release them in the next 6 months. At the end of this month I’m performing for Halloween, also have my London headline show coming up. Been busy with quite a bit of shows and also filmed for a TV ad that will come out in December.

Check out the music video for ‘Hit You with The Honey G’ below;

Follow Honey G on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You can find information on her tour and tickets here.

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