Paula Boggs Band – ‘Holocene’

Paula Boggs has had an unusual journey to music. She has degrees from both The University of California Berkeley School of Law, and John Hopkins University, and has also served as an officer in the US Military, before becoming Assistant US Attorney for the Western District of Washington, a partner in the law firm of Preston Gates & Ellis, Vice President at Dell Corporation, and Executive Vice President, General Council, and Secretary of the Starbucks Corporation. Phew!  Now, with the Paula Boggs Band, and their new track, ‘Holocene’, she promotes peace with their homegrown “soulgrass” music.

Paula Boggs has basically lived several lives in one, and has quite the tales to tell through her music. She founded Boggs Media LCC to manage her music, speaking, and other creative business activities, and since its creation, Paula and the band have released two full-length studio albums featuring the singles, ‘Carnival Of Miracles’, and ‘Look Straight Ahead’. Third album, ‘Elixir – The Soulgrass Sessions’ was released on September 15. The track ‘Holocene’ was written originally by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, and Paula Boggs Band takes the already beautifully haunting song and transforms it via their soulgrass sound. The track features a curious yet compelling video of dancers in the woodland, alternating with Paula and her band playing in front of what looks like a barn. Paula plays her guitar throughout, and her warm vocals soft and alluring.
‘Elixir – The Soulgrass Sessions’ is available from Apple Music. Find the Paula Boggs Band online on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify.
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