The Winter Sounds – ‘Heartbeats’

‘Heartbeats’, from Nashville’s The Winter Sounds, begins sounding every bit like an indiepop ballad, but rapidly ascends with intense drums and a fanfare of brass, into a catchy must-have track for every dance-floor.

Fans of The Winter Sounds know what to expect from singer Patrick Keenan and the rest of the band: soaring anthems and clear, inviting vocals; tracks expressing a creativity and compositional brilliance not often seen in the Top 40. The Winter Sounds has found a loyal following, and hope to expand on this with their tour which sees the band take in not just the south, but also New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The tour precedes the release of their fourth album, ‘Maximum Reality’, out December 1.

Patrick Keenan’s creativity isn’t restricted to his songwriting and singing – he also makes the band’s music videos, and for ‘Heartbeats’ the band went to Estonia where they capture the green fields and blue skies surrounding a farmhouse in a glorious dreamlike clip. ‘Heartsbeats’ was filmed by Zbanski Kino in and around beautiful Viljandi, Estonia. Cows, ploughs, open roads, and beautiful scenery are shown with a radiance that is almost supernatural in its clarity and colour. Patrick spends some of the time in the farmhouse bed while singing of a parallel universe; at other times he is seen climbing a rusty stepladder seemingly to nowhere. Wildlife (there’s a moose, and a stork, as well as a hedgehog, insects, and birds) work side by side clips of Patrick walking along roads and staring at towerblocks. The overall message seems to be one of taking control of our lives and climbing that stepladder to see our future – life is ours to make of it what we will.

‘Heartbeats’ is out now and can be streamed on Spotify and downloaded from iTunes and Amazon. You can find out more about The Winter Sounds online on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Check out their music on Bandcamp. You can also support The Winter Sounds on Patreon.

The Winter Sounds - Heartbeats (Official Music Video)

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