Experimental Duo Pandovisia Release Details of Second Album ‘Gone With The Solar Wind’

Pandovisia have recently announced the release of a mini LP entitled, ‘Gone With The Solar Wind’. The net duo’s second album takes us to the far reaches of the solar system, and beyond – and is named to mark the anniversaries of both the Voyager space programme, and the cult sci-fi television series, ‘Space 1999’.

‘Gone With The Solar Wind’ explores the ultimate challenge of single-sided communication: the album is effectively a message in a bottle, with its destination distant outer space, and includes samples from the Voyager golden record, as well as private audio clips.

‘Gone With The Solar Wind’ tells the story of reaching out into the unknown, in search of love, and finds a nice metaphor in the adventures of the Voyager probes and Eagle Transporter spacecraft. In effect, these are the love longings of scientists, children, and artists alike.

The seven track album sees Pandovisia develop their own musical and lyrical expression: from the dreamy instrumentals like ‘The Golden Record’, played on guitar, which take us across the wide open expanses of space, to the catchy synthy grooves of ‘Silent Ambassador’, ‘Space 1999’, and ‘Outside The Solar System’.

‘Gone With The Solar Wind’ will be pre-released on 20 August, which is the 40th anniversary of the launch of Voyager 2, ahead of its official release on 5 September, the 40th anniversary since Voyager 1 left Earth to become the first human-made object to go outside the solar system.

You can find out more about Pandovisia online on their official website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Pandovisia - Gone With The Solar Wind

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