Six Quick Questions For Nathan Moore Of Brother Beyond

We had the chance to speak with Nathan Moore of Brother Beyond, ahead of his appearance at this August Bank Holiday’s Livewire Festival, in Blackpool. Here’s Six Quick Questions with Nathan Moore:

EP: You’re performing at the Livewire Festival on the August bank holiday – what should fans expect from your show?

NM: I’ll be performing Brother Beyond’s two top ten Hits The harder I try & He Aint No competition, plus I’d also like to throw in some pop classics and I especially want to honour George Michael, so something magic from this icon of 80s pop with the crowd singing along would be perfect for this show.

EP: What’s been your fondest memory of your time as Brother Beyond?

NM: I always enjoyed doing Top of The Pop’s tv show at television centre, Brother did it 7 times and growing up it was the show I always wished to be part of and fronting my band and having Pete Waterman write us our breakthrough hit made it happen.

EP: What’s your advice for anyone starting out in the music business today? What would you have done differently if you were starting out nowadays?

NM: Looking back Brother Beyond should have done more songs with Pete Waterman, it was silly of the band to not do that, so that is something I would have changed looking back, my advice to singers these days is do as much live work to hone your skills, and try to write songs, as hits is what it’s all about.

EP: Working with PWL and it rocketed you into the top of the charts. What was it like working with them?

NM: Working at PWL was magic, to be at their South London studio and see Pete Burns and Rick Astley in the same building was fab, you really felt part of something special, I was the only one in the studio and I especially liked working with Mike Stock as he was the vocal coach of the trio so it was him that produced my vocal on the record, Pete was great at coming up with titles for songs and he and I used to talk about trains as I was a trainspotter in my youth.

EP: Do you have anything planned for Brother Beyond for the rest of this year?

NM: I do loads of shows up and down the UK so apart from Livewire in Blackpool I’m especially looking forward to Let’s Rock Christmas at Wembley Arena on Dec 14th with Tony Hadley & Kim Wilde.

EP: What question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview but nobody ever does?

NM: What was it like kissing Kylie, no one ever asks that question!

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