Kolade Olamide Ayodeji – ‘Trap In The Night’

Kolade Olamide Ayodeji is a prolific songwriter, beatmaker, producer, poet, and rapper. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, he has a degree in Business Administration and Management, and a strong desire for independence. Kolade writes his own lyrics, produces and markets his songs, and releases his own albums, all on his own independent record label, Kolade Olamide Entertainment.

Kolade has penned songs in wide variety of genres, from pop to hip-hop, country to dance, and to gospel. He has so far released two albums, ‘Hit List’, and ‘Best Moment Of Our Lives’, and his single, ‘Trap In The Night’, has seen airplay on a number of radio stations both terrestrial and on the internet.

‘Trap In The Night’ is a reworking of one of his earlier songs, ‘Trapped In The Dark’, which reached the semi-finals in the lyric category of the ‘Song Of The Year‘ songwriting contest, in 2007. He says of the song,

“The story behind the song was not showing interest in love when the other partner is in love or while dating. Just like still wanting more time to enjoy before settling down. It is about feeling regret when the partner walks away due to nonchalant attitude of one towards the relationship.”

Full of bright and light electro-pop, ‘Trap In The Night’ features a female lead vocal, with passionate lyrics creating a reflective mood of longing.

With a video shot in the UK, ‘Trap In The Night’ features a woman who is given angel wings at a party, and although she finds a love interest, she pulls away and runs out of the house, through forest, and down a motorway, before finally collapsing in the middle of a field. Her suitor approaches, she removes her wings, and he drapes a coat over her shoulders.

For more information about Kolade please visit his website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. ‘Trap In The Night’ and other music by Kolade is available to download from iTunes.

Kolade Olamide Ayodeji - Trap in the Night

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