Pete Gardiner To Perform in Kent On Houseparty Tour 11th March 2017

Pete Gardiner has been quietly building quite a following with assured live performances and the quality of his lyricism. His debut album ‘Ashtray Black’ will be coming out next week and following that, as if the release of a debut album isn’t enough to look forward to, he will be heading off to Nashville to write for Country music heavyweights Lady Antebellum and Faith Hill. I am an unashamed fan of country music and it’s lyrical storytelling quality. The prospect of this fine Irish singer songwriter flexing his lyrical muscles in the home of Country music is frankly a very exciting one.

On March 11 I will have the pleasure of hosting Pete Gardiner at home as he performs a house gig at Branden Farm in Kent. The expectant excited audience will include local singer songwriter Dan Glover, himself a fantastic prospect and an outstanding songwriter, and Phil and May Turner, organisers of Kent’s very own Harvest Festival and purveyors of one of the country’s best independent ciders. The ingredients for an outstanding evening are in place and I can’t wait. Essentially Pop have been big fans of Pete Gardiner and his music and the chance to take part in this young man’s musical journey is a real honour.

For those of you that haven’t had the chance to sample Pete Gardiner, let me tell you a little about him. He hails from Newtownards in Northern Ireland and is slowly carving quite a following amongst those who love well crafted songs which tell the stories of everyday life with all its passions and pitfalls. Whether they are related to something in the news, personal circumstances, romances or general relationships, Pete is keen to put them in his songs and, in much the same way as his idols Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan, everyday life becomes something enthralling.

It’s a long way from working in a local bank by day and gigging at night, but Pete is slowly gaining critical acclaim and airplay and his debut album is recorded with award winning Irish producer Tommy McLaughlin. It’s an album that has been mastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios, and Pete is doing everything in his power to ensure its success, even moving to London to play regularly on the London club scene to hone his undoubted talent and polish his stage craft.

Pete’s most recent single, ‘Pretty Smiles’, which is taken from the new album had Ash Howes on board mixing and he brought all of his experience with acts like Ellie Goulding, One Direction, Kylie and Dido resulting in an excellent mix of Pete’s usual lyricism and a great hook making it very radio friendly. It really doesn’t take many listens to find yourself singing along and I can’t wait for the chance to see Pete sing it live. 

New single ‘Hollywood Lights’ has gained some traction recently, being performed live on Radio London with Gaby Roslin, and hopefully Pete sings it on the evening. We are hoping to record some of Pete’s performance and maybe even stream it so keep your eyes peeled. Whatever happens, I’m sure everyone will have a great evening so watch for our review and photos.

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