Lewis Watson: ‘midnight’ Album Review

Oxford-based singer songwriter Lewis Watson, is one of the most anticipated artists of 2017, and with his long awaited new album, ‘midnight’ released on Friday 24th March 2017, he’s set himself up for an exciting year.

The singer, who is signed to Warner Bros, and currently on a world tour, follows his 2014 debut ‘This Morning’ with an exciting new album, entitled, ‘midnight’.

Releasing five of the twelve song prior to the album dropping last week, ‘Midnight’ has stirred up a lot of interest to hear the full album.

The first track, ‘maybe we’re home’, is a complete 180 on his previous style of music, which presents a fascinating and intense vocals and guitar that give off a different up-beat vibe.

The new indie-rock style really comes through in ‘midnight’, crossing over with a melancholic sound, and abandons his acoustic habits, freeing his creativity to create a beautifully wild album.

Although, many tracks see him experimenting with a new sound, Lewis, still hasn’t completely let go of his acoustic routines, with tracks like, ‘deep the water’ reminding fans.

lewis watson - deep the water (lyric video)

Tracks like, ‘la song’ and ‘run’ display influences towards artists like Bon Iver and mixing those with up-tempo songs like, ‘when the water meets the mountains’, giving a great balance to the album that will keep fans nodding to the end.

Similar to the likes of Ben Howard and Hudson Taylor, Lewis Watson’s voice alone, is something you can chill by the fire and listen to, or mellow out in a summer barbecue.

You can listen to the new album via Spotify:

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