Jess Morgan To Release Limited Run Of Handmade 7” Records For Record Store Day

DIY singer/songwriter Jess Morgan takes the do-it-yourself concept to new levels creating handmade vinyl records in her Norwich home. Jess has made a limited run of 7” vinyl of the song ‘Still In Fashion’ (from her album ‘Edison Gloriette’) for release exclusively at Relevant Records in Cambridge for Record Store Day on April 22nd 2017. Jess will also perform an acoustic set at 12pm at Relevant Records.

This limited run of ‘Still In Fashion’ follows 2016’s run of ‘In Brooklyn’, released as part of the PledgeMusic campaign for ‘Edison Gloriette’ as featured on The 405 who called her “a true DIY artist in her element. Seriously, she does it all”. Jess talks about the process on her BLOG in which she says:

“It took a while to hit upon the right recipe – ratio of catalyst and silicone mix to pick up the grooves of a record while still holding its shape and not shrinking back. I also used paper/card/demo tape/duct tape and foil to build up texture in relief which would become the mould and transfer a raised design onto the resin. Eventually I used a thick kind of foil tape – which I think is used for insulation in plumbing – as I wanted to see if I could recreate the fine lines of a sketch in relief. Since working out how to successfully ‘clone’ a record, I spent almost a year – on days in-between touring and recording – experimenting with different ways to make the records special. In the early stages, I found colour mixing – within the resin really quite difficult. I experimented with dye, ink and paint to add a colour injection.”

The artwork for ‘Still In Fashion’ is designed by Jess, with a disc cut from the sleeve and trapped in the centre of each record.

‘Still In Fashion’ also appears on Jess’ album ‘Edison Gloriette’ which will receive a full commercial release on April 22nd 2017.

Tour Dates

Thursday 23rd March – The Burston Crown

Friday 25th March – Portico, Lincoln

Thursday 30th March – Relevant Records, Cambridge

Friday 31st March – The Courthouse, Thirsk

Thursday 13th April – Loughton Folk Club

Saturday 22nd April – Record Store Day session – Relevant Records, Cambridge @ 12 noon

Saturday 22nd April – Elmslie House, Malvern

Sunday 23rd April – Nights at the Circus, Birmingham

Sunday 30th April – Big Session Festival, Buxton

Thursday 4th May – Cuffern Manor, Pembrokeshire

Saturday 13th May – Hebden Bridge Roots Festival

26th May & 27th May – Ireby Festival, Cumbria

Find out more about Jess online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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