AV Super Sunshine “Star Man”

AV Super Sunshine is back, with a nod to David Bowie in his song, ‘Star Man’.

The second track about abduction – the first, ‘Alien Abduction’ was from his unreleased, ‘Candyland’ album – ‘Star Man’ is accompanied by a music video featuring AV and Philomena trapped inside a white concrete room, where they, by way of song, tell stories of abduction, the peace loving alien Gabriel, and their mission to share the truth with Earth. Directed once again by Jared Sagal, the video takes a simple concept and transforms it into an emotionally complex piece of art.

‘Star Man’ comes from AV Super Sunshine’s 13 song concept album, ‘Bass Face’, which was produced by Michael Bradford. The character of AV Super Sunshine focuses on the story of Gabriel, an alien captured in the Area 51 region, who has a message of truth for Earth about life beyond our planet, which has long been suppressed by the powers that be. The story is derived from the deathbed confessions of Boyd Bushman about Area 51. Bushman was a Lockheed Martin senior scientist, who claimed to have information about, and photos of, aliens and alien spacecraft, which he’d obtained in the course of his job.

Find out more about AV Super Sunshine from his official website, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Check out AV Super Sunshine’s music on iTunes, as well as from his online store, where you can buy ‘Bass Face’.

AV Super Sunshine - Star Man (Alien UFO Story)

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