ZÖE – ‘Debut’ (Deluxe)


Zöe Straub is an actress and singer, born in Vienna, Austria. Her first studio album, entitled ‘Debut’, was released last year, with twelve tracks. The fourth track released was ‘Loin d’ici’, which ZÖE entered in this year’s ‘Wer singt für Österreich?’, Austria’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She won the opportunity to represent Austria, ultimately finishing in 13th place.

The Deluxe version of ‘Debut’, issued in April this year, contains, as well as the original 12 tracks, an acoustic version of ‘Loin d’ici’, two bonus tracks (remixes of ‘Loin d’ici’ and second song, ‘Devinez’), as well as two demos, ‘Royals’, and ‘Your Eyes’. With the exception of the demos, all the songs are sung in French.

The album is very pleasant, showcasing ZÖE’s sweet voice. ‘Devinez’ is in electro swing style (you will recall the UKs Eurovision entry last year, Electro Velvet, also favoured this style). The genre is quite popular in Europe, and ZÖE revisits it with the track, ‘Quel Filou’.

The album shows off ZÖE’s considerable range and vocal skills, with the singer covering many different styles, including jazz, pop, and some more slow, acoustic numbers, where she’s accompanied only by a guitar. Altogether it’s a lovely album, with the French language making the songs sound more romantic than they probably are (our understanding of French is quite poor…).

‘Debut’ is out on Global Rockstar Music, and is available on iTunes, Google Playstore, and Amazon. You can find ZÖE online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

ZOË full album „debut“

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