Daniel Glover At Bloomsburys, Biddenden, 24th September 2016


Last weekend there was a very special event, the first “Mic & Fork”; an event organised to promote local talent in Kent. The headline act was a certain Daniel Glover, someone I have followed ever since seeing him play Harvest 2015. Mic & Fork brought Chaz Stapley and Droves along with Daniel Glover and they opened proceedings with style as they entertained the sold out audience at Bloomsburys, a venue described as a bohemian retreat under normal circumstances but for this special night transformed into a music venue where everyone could combine food and music.

On Saturday evening I was there to see Daniel Glover. As I said before I saw him first at Harvest 2015 and then was lucky enough last year to review his EP. Zoe Ball of Radio 2 is a big fan and has described his voice as stunning and I have to agree.

Before seeing him at Bloomsburys last weekend I had seen Dan perform at this year’s Harvest Festival on September 10th and had the pleasure to chat with him afterwards. The conversation then centred around a quite stunning cover of the Cash classic ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and if Dan had ever considered writing music with a country style. His voice is perfect for it as every word drips with experience of life and it would be great to have a UK country singer that could make Nashville stand up and take note.

Bloomsburys was a different affair again as Dan took to the stage with Jamie Euphex Smith, a beat boxer of some quality from Coco and the Butterfields. This unexpected urban twist added another dimension to Dan’s acoustic folk and the whole atmosphere at the event changed the moment Dan started to sing. You could see everyone sit up and take note, conversations stopped and chairs were turned to face the stage.

Daniel Glover’s voice has to be heard live. The voice of obvious quality that you can hear on his released music is one thing but the live voice is another thing entirely. He played a selection of his own tracks accompanied by his own guitar and Jamie’s vocal gymnastics and it was a joy to see how well it was received.

I hope to bring you an interview with Dan in the very near future and discuss what he is doing and when we can expect an album. I hope I can persuade him to explore other genres too as I honestly believe Dan could make serious waves in many different styles of music. If you get the chance to see Daniel Glover live, grab it with both hands. You will not be disappointed!

Mic & Fork is a wonderful idea and its first unplugged session at Bloomsburys is sure to be repeated. Organiser Rawdon DeFresnes should be applauded for his determination in exposing the wonderful singing talent in Kent and I hope we will see many more events like this one.

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