‘Lost Songs’ Aims To Find The Songs We Should Be Hearing

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Here’s something different! ‘Lost Sounds’ is a compilation of songs from all over the world, which aims to find those hidden gems nobody’s heard of – yet.

Recorded at the world renowned Metropolis Studios, ‘Lost Sounds’ will be released on M:89 Records, and is the brainchild of ‘ADMAN’, the songwriter for Ticking Tree. Tony Visconti said at SXSW this year, “The next David Bowie is out there but not getting a shot” – and this is what ADMAN hopes to do with ‘Lost Sounds’ – to give the next John Lennon, the next Amy Winehouse, the next David Bowie, that shot. Metropolis is the world’s largest independent recording complex, with the facility also placing high priority on supporting the developing artists of the future.

ADMAN says of the project:

“I’ve been thinking for a while that there must be a plethora of beautiful songs that have been carefully written and crafted, but have never seen the light of day. They are drifting, lost.  We believe that out there, somewhere, just waiting to be found, are songs like Lennon’s Imagine, Adele’s Someone Like You, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, and so on. That is what inspired the Lost Songsproject: we want to find them!  It really could be that one day, when listening to music on the radio, people will be saying, “Did you know, that was once a Lost Song?”

This year’s track list has now been finalised ahead of the album’s release on 3rd June and is as follows:

Give You The Night – Lily

You’re The One On My Mind – Adam Pickard

Your Dreams Are Not Your Own – Scott McMahon

Selectric – Tasha Jane Bishop

On Your Mind – David Green

Everyday – Gustin

Falling Down – Sam Dawson

Done – Jasmine Paterson

Sing Aloud – Ciro Rey

Regress – Lindsay and Issac

You’ve Got It – Sweet Revenge

You’re My Man – Ben Campani

I’m No Angel – J-Eoin

Soul Kisses – Jomerrick (Jean Luc Bolo)

Let The Light In – Charlotte Lee

Tear Me Apart – Ellie Fountain

Do you have a fantastic song that needs sharing with the world? Keep an eye out for more details on the ‘Lost Songs II’ selection process on their website.

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