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Lux Lisbon 1 Photo Credit Anna Nilsson

Anna Nilsson went to see Lux Lisbon at The Scala, London, on 21 April.

My amazing friend Carmi got me tickets to see them for my birthday and I could not ask for a better birthday gift, even if it came six months late. This has been the third time we have gone to see the incredibly talented Lux Lisbon play live and it’s such a pleasure. I’d like to say that we know Stu (the lead singer), even if it’s just a little bit, haha! I helped film their ‘Show Me The Money’. music video at their last concert at Bush Hall in Shepherds Bush, and Stu asked myself and Carmi to help film this show as well.

Lux Lisbon 5 Photo Credit Anna Nilsson

When we got there we got greeted by the ever so lovely Stu himself who got us our wristbands (special treatment, hehe!) and showed us the way in after a very welcome hello-hug. We mostly hung around until the show started, I’m obsessed with events so I looked around a lot to see what everyone was doing before the show started. When we went out to get drinks we got to show off our amazing wristbands and get let back in to the auditorium, hehe!

Lux Lisbon 13 Photo Credit Anna Nilsson

After two opening acts, at 9pm it was time for Lux Lisbon to take the stage, and they came on with the energy and amazingness that they always bring to their live shows.

We had been asked to film songs two and three on the fifteen song setlist and so when song two started I ran to the back of the venue and filmed from far away whilst Carmi filmed from front row. After that they surprised the audience, or at least me, and played a new song! Throughout the show they played two or three (can’t remember exactly, sorry!) new songs and a cover, other than that it was all the “old goodies” that myself and Carmi kept singing all the lyrics too, safe to say, I have no voice left…

Lux Lisbon 7 Photo Credit Anna Nilsson

They do this thing where instead of all of them leaving stage and then coming back for the encore, Charlotte (bass player and only female in the band) sings a song on her own. It’s always one of my favourite moments, she has an amazingly beautiful voice and is a really good songwriter. It has been amazing to see the change from the first time we saw them perform to now. Tonight Charlotte’s confidence was all over the stage and you could see how much she was enjoying her shining moment in the spotlight!

When they all came back in it was time for my all time favourite Lux Lisbon song ‘Memento Mori’. It’s quite strange for a new fan of theirs when Stu starts screaming stuff like “Who’s going to die some day?” but if you listen to the lyrics it makes perfect sense haha! The last song they performed was Carmi’s favourite which is called ‘Get Some Scars’, also amazing!

Lux Lisbon 3 Photo Credit Anna Nilsson

The thing about them is that they’re so humble and nice and they have such a passion for their music and performing it live that it’s such a pleasure to go see them perform and grow as artists and to see their community grow as well.

Lux Lisbon 4 Photo Credit Anna Nilsson

After the show was done we marched in backstage (because we’re just cool like that), talked to Stu and Charlotte and then headed off home.

Again, I’d just like to thank the whole of Lux Lisbon for letting us be part of their growth and this adventure they’re on, even with such small things as filming their shows, it’s such a pleasure working with them and getting to see them perform, so thank you.

Lux Lisbon 11 Photo Credit Anna Nilsson

And for those of you who don’t know who Lux Lisbon are, look them up, they’re going to be the next big thing, mark my words!

Lux Lisbon 14 Photo Credit Anna Nilsson

*All photos credit Anna Nilsson

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