Come Trespass In London The Late May Bank Holiday Weekend!



Three Current Celebrated Musicians Will Perform in Secret and Revealed Only to an Intimate Audience Over May Bank Holiday Weekend!

We are excited to announce the launch of TRESPASS – a new immersive live music experience exclusively showcasing current celebrated artists, which will be held at a secret London location over 4 consecutive nights over the May Bank Holiday Weekend from Thursday 26th May until Sunday 29th May 2016.

Created by three forward thinking music industry veterans Ben Spetsiotis (IAM New Music), Lowri Gerrard(Universal Music) and Joshua Sanger (Barn On The Farm Festival) in partnership with London’s dynamic new music curators, Mahogany, TRESPASS will take over a unique London space and incorporate very personal, tailored elements of three key current artists’ music and influences, allowing the audience to trespass into each artist’s world. The identity of these three special artists will remain unannounced to ticket holders until the start of each performance and will remain secret to the public until after the exclusive weekender.

TRESPASS will provide an unprecedented level of loving detail around each artist and their music in the space in which they are performing – resulting in a thought-provoking live music video style experience in which the audience can become fully submerged within the performance and become an active part of it. The unique environment of TRESSPASS will allow for a more intimate level of engagement between artist and audience with only 100 exclusive tickets on sale per night.

The location will also remain a mystery, but the organisers will disclose that it’s a beautifully raw multi-level building in Spitalfields which has been stripped back to its bare structural bones. Following this event the venue is to be developed into offices and flats, so this will be one of the very last opportunities to experience this historic building in its current form. Upon purchasing tickets, the venue location will be revealed to ticket holders only.

Ben Spetsiotis, Co-Founder and Director of TRESSPASS says: “This concept was born from our love of music videos and their ability to transport the viewer inside the world of the music. We have always kept that firmly at the forefront of our minds when designing each space within the venue and consider the TRESSPASS format to be a crucial next step in presenting live music. Our aim is to re-manage artist and audience expectations as to how live music can be experienced in an immersed, engaged and unpredictable way.”

The May Bank Holiday TRESPASS event weekender runs from 7:15pm – 11:30pm on Thursday 26th May and 7:15pm – 01:00am Friday 27th, Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th May.

Tickets for the event are priced at £18 and are available now here.

For more information please visit TRESPASS on Facebook.

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