Daniel Grinberg Tells a Long Story With Album ‘Short Stories’

Daniel Grinberg

Daniel Grinberg has an interesting story. Born in Buenos Aires, he moved to Israel with his family at the age of 13.

Daniel started playing instruments when he was 4 or 5 years old, beginning with a “tonete”, a small plastic flute common in Argentina. He then moved onto guitar, before he started playing his uncle’s piano. Clearly music was inside Daniel wanting to burst out – he taught himself to play, and his skill increased.

Side by side with this passion for music was his one for science and technology; Daniel found from an early age that he was able to repair electronic devices. He spent his teen years playing electric guitar in local rock bands, before deciding he wanted to study music. After a year’s private tuition, he was accepted into the Music Academy at Tel Aviv University. Daniel spent 5 years at the Academy before working there for a year as a teacher. He then moved into composing for TV, and working in recording studios.

It was here that Daniel first encountered computers, and he looked into developing an optical software that was capable of inputting music scores and transforming them into mathematical code, allowing for automatic transcription and transposition. This led to Daniel being hired by an American hi-tech company, where he has spent 30 years focusing on complex systems and AI.

Through all this time, Daniel kept up his music, composing for plays, as well as electronic music, jazz, and some instrumental work.

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‘Short Stories’ is the result of his return to his greatest passion, music. It’s a concept album, tiny glimpses of everyday life, with vocals by “Alex”, Aveva Dese and Yoav Arbel, who together more than ably interpret Daniel’s songs as he intended. The album doesn’t stick to any one genre; part folk, part pop, part rock, it provides enough to keep any listener interested.

Highlights of the album include ‘Michaela’, deliciously sung by Aveva Dese, it harkens back to ‘Eleanor Rigby’ by The Beatles, string heavy, it’s a song of a woman reflecting on her past life and what currently surrounds her: “Michaela won’t cry/She just stares at the sea”. Sad, moving, poignant. Opener ’80 Years’, chronicles the average lifespan of a human: “80 years should be enough/80 years to see the world/80 years to understand”. Sung by “Alex” it’s a contemplative song, challenging us to live our lives more fully – after all “80 years are not that much”.

‘Short Stories’ was released on October 29 through Imusiciandigital. Instrumentation was provided by Daniel Grinberg on guitars and keyboards; Maor Swartzberg on guitars, keyboards and bass guitar; Tal Tamari playing drums, percussion and; Yoav Arbel on drums. ‘Short Stories’ was produced by Maor Scwartzberg.

Find Daniel Grinberg online on Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, and his website. You can also find ‘Short Stories’ on iTunesJango and Number One Music, and Soundcloud.

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