Interview: Charlie Hole

Charlie Hole

A couple of months ago I wrote an introductory piece on London based singer/songwriter Charlie Hole. Since that piece he has released his EP ‘Dirty Little Secret’ and been touring in order to help in it’s promotion.

I caught up with Charlie recently to ask him a few questions on the music industry he finds himself in, the general response to his music and who, if there were no limitations, he would like to write for.

EP: I wrote an introductory piece on you before the release of your EP ‘Dirty Little Secret’. How has the release been going? What has feedback been like?

CH: The response has been amazing, especially online. People have been sending me messages saying how much they love the record which has been lovely as it’s been a long time in the making. Also a lot of people have been buying the EP after gigs. I do this thing when I play live where I sell the EP for whatever price they think it’s worth. It’s available on Spotify and Apple Music for free, and you can buy it on my website for £5 but people have still been giving me 10 or sometimes 20 quid, I think people really feel like they are helping me out, which they are, it’s nice.

EP: As a writer and musician is the response to releasing a piece of your self to the world overwhelming, underwhelming or just as you expected it to be?

CH: It’s a bit overwhelming I suppose, but I don’t really think of it like that. I spent so much time working on it, all the songs feel old to me, so the idea that they are completely new to someone else is slightly weird, but it gives the songs a completely new life.

EP:  I see you’re touring with Karima Francis, what’s that been like? Any plans to work with Karima?

CH: Karima is amazing, both live and also on her albums. She’s such a sweetheart in person as well, she made me feel really welcome on tour. I loved it!

EP:  What’s your view on the industry at the moment?

CH: I think it’s really exciting at the moment, it’s still in an awkward transition period between the physical, one off payment system of buying a CD/Vinyl/Tape, and the streaming system and there’s inevitably conflicts and confusion but I think it’s a great time to be a new artist. There’s so many platforms to get your music out there. I think we’ll actually look back on this time as a golden age for music discovery.

EP: What is the best and worst thing about dedicating your life to music?

CH: There’s always this feeling of “Am I actually getting away with this?”, and sometimes you think the real world will catch up with you at some point! I love music though, I can’t imagine doing anything else. The worst thing has to be looking after your voice, it’s such a bore. Something as pathetic as a sore throat can stop you doing everything!

EP: If music wasn’t around then what would you be doing?

CH: I’d be at Uni or in a proper job probably. Or bumming around a ski resort on an endless gap year.

EP: What is planned for after this release?

CH: I’m going straight back into the studio to make an album.

EP: If you could write a song for any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

CH: I’d love to hear Johnny Cash do one of my songs, his interpretation of those songs on the American series before he died was some of the best performances of songs I’ve ever heard. Failing that Tom Jones has an incredible voice I’d love him to do something.

Find Charlie online on his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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