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We introduced you last month to Skyfever, an alternative rock band, based in Dublin. Their debut EP, ‘Means of Escape’, is set for release via iTunes this month.

You can find Skyfever online on their website, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

Influenced by the likes of U2, Led Zeppelin, Bowie and Oasis Skyfever strive to write great songs with driving guitars and cool melodies.  Their first single ‘Rise’, debuted straight way on Darren Clearys show on RTE 2XM and their new release, ‘Alive’, should be received similarly favourably.

Skyfever will be announcing gigs shortly to support their EP. Basically to sum up, Skyfever love life, they love music, and they love playing it. Here’s their Essential Playlist.


The Fly – U2

For us this has song has the perfect blend of dark and light – the verses and chorus are polar opposites in terms of emotion and music. The drum groove in this song is massive as well and gives the song such a solid bedrock.  Just when you think you have the song figured out the solo takes you on a journey, you can tell the edge is channelling something unique in this solo. It is songs like this which inspire us to want to hit that level.

U2 - The Fly Official Video (HD) (FULL VERSION)

Stand Inside Your Love – Smashing Pumpkins

We are big fans of the world Billy Corgan creates in his songs. The sheer raw power of the groove and soundscape just draws you in. The build up and release of the guitar solo is one of our favourite moments of the Smashing Pumpkins, sometimes you only really need two or three notes on a guitar to pierce peoples hearts.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Stand Inside Your Love (Official Music Video)

Take Cover – Mr Big

This is the greatest bass, drums and guitar groove ever. Just stick this is on in our studio , massive speakers and we are inside the music. It’s one of those songs where no one speaks during it..which is a rare moment in our band!

YouTube player

Sunday bloody sunday – U2

I think every Irish person is drawn to this song. In terms of music, we are drawn to the raw sound of the song and how that lays bare the heart of it.

Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live From Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado, USA / 1983 / Remaste...

The Times They Are a Changin’ – Bob Dylan

To write a song like this where the lyrics will always stay relevant against any back drop I think is every song writers dream. This is one of them!

Bob Dylan  The Times They Are A Changin' 1964

Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

We love the way it works with eastern style melodies, particularly in the string section. It also gives a song a different feel as well as one of the most spine-tingling vocal performances!  This song opened the door to the guitar tuning ‘dadgad’ to us . This has spawned new songs already. Thank you Jimmy!

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Live from Celebration Day) (Official Video)

Last Resort – The Eagles

It’s a masterclass in how to build an otherwise monotonous and repetitive song up and keep the listener interested.


Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix  

It’s very melodic and he has such a fantastic grasp on how to play the guitar. You’d swear he was playing one note for most of the song because the transitions are so smooth. It was a massive influence on us because he can play and sing so well at the same time, and it’s not shredding, or playing fast, it’s pure melody – he was the first guitarist that our lead guitarist heard and wanted to emulate.

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing (live)

Bring It On Home – Led Zeppelin 

We’ve always been fascinated with the blues. But this isn’t your typical blues songs, after Page was finished producing it. We love the quirky nature in which the song progresses, it takes you from a place you know if you’re familiar with the blues, into a different realm. On his own, we admired Page, not for his guitar playing skills necessarily, but for his musicianship, skill, talent and melody.

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Some Might Say – Oasis

That era of 1994-1996 has had a lasting effect on us. This song just imprinted. Music at it’s best seems simple and free flowing. When you stick this on now and turn it up in your ear phones it makes you feel like a hero! It is the equivalent of the happiness you see in a dog when it has its’ head out the car window..sheer joy!

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