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We recently wrote an interesting article on a two piece indie band called Ward and Sahraei, who debuted their EP, ‘TALKS’ last month. Laurabeth caught up with the girls, who are currently battling both mid-terms and the music industry.

EP: What creative styles most interest you individually at this current moment?

Ward: I’m a sucker for electronic and chillwave right now. It’s a style I love to listen to and create. I tend to show this side in Ward & Sahraei by combining pop with chillwave.

Sahraei: At the moment, I’m most fascinated by alternative hip hop. It’s not a genre I would normally listen to, but it is definitely new-found love. I also listen to lots of Korean music, something Verena (Ward) very much loathes.

EP: Do you both have any other hobbies or jobs in your spare time? Are any of you ladies in university or college?

Ward: We are both in college. Our senior year, actually. Majoring in Communication. I don’t have a job at the moment, but in my spare time I like to watch lots of movies. It’s really bad actually, because I’ve almost watched everything on Netflix. Also, Sahraei and I make videos too. We both love to edit.

Sahraei: I’m not working either. In my spare time I like to read books (so very exciting). And buy books, even though I have loads of books I still need to read. I am currently reading ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. Not sure what I will be reading next…

EP: What’s your take on the current music industry?

Ward: Hmm… Many songs sound alike these days. That’s why I like music that is different from what we hear on the radio. But on the side note, I’m secretly a Swiftie. There’s something about Taylor Swift that I can’t ignore whenever she’s playing.

Sahraei: In the current music industry, I think lots of female singers and songwriters are underestimated. Girl power is oppressed by all the downgrading and sexist music (Don’t get me started on the music videos!). Having a taste in music is one thing, but to look down on women because of their choices or talent or opinions…That is just weak.

EP: What advice would you give to any young artists like yourselves who want to get into the music industry?

Ward: It’s a difficult world. Just try to be yourself and find others that share the same interests as you. Supporting artists as an artist is like good karma. Everyone deals with the same problems. Together we make each other stronger.

Sahraei: JUST DO YOU and do not let anyone interfere with whatever makes you happy. We have had some people throwing shade at us for the most ridiculous things ever, but we try not to let it get to us. Whatever knocks you down will help you build higher up.

EP: Has there been anyone who’s helped you along the way? Anyone we can give a shout out to for helping you get to where you are now? Maybe the person who gave you your first concert, a family member, or friend?

Ward: My mom who taught me how to play the guitar even though she doesn’t play one. She plays the piano.

Sahraei: Next to Verena (Ward)? Hmm… My dad! He’s just being awesome.

EP: It’s really important to remember our journey as artists so where was your first concert and how did it go?

Ward: My first (paid) gig was in my old neighbourhood with my former band. We were kids and had to do this acoustic performance in front of a supermarket. People were walking past us and sometimes if we were lucky, they would stop and look at us. But 80% of that performance was just us enjoying the idea of having a paid gig.

Sahraei: My first gig was in my senior year of high school. We had to prepare a piece and perform in front of a jury and our teacher. Funny thing is, Verena (Ward) had written the song and played the guitar during the performance. Whether the gig went well? I am too ashamed to look back at it! So I am not so sure about that! (Just a side note: I now hate the song I performed).

EP: Are there any collaborations you would like to do with any artists/bands?

WS: We like to dream big, so here is a little snippet!

  • Passion Pit
  • Hellogoodbye
  • Marina and the Diamonds
  • Grouplove

EP: If you could describe your new EP, ‘Talks’ with one sentence, what would it be?

Sahraei: Mood swings and feelings in a jolly wrapping.

Ward: Drinking milkshake in a rollercoaster and having to sit next Maral (Sahraei).

EP: What are your hopes as a band for the next three years? Is there anything in particular that you would like to achieve?

Sahraei: Three years seems like a lot. Knowing me, I hope Ward does not decide to disband… I am just joking. Like every other post-graduate, I hope we will be able to go abroad (preferable to the UK) to focus more on our music. We will see where life takes us, until then!

Ward: I hope to graduate this year. In the next three years i hope we’ll make more EP’s and tour in different countries. Touring is definitely something i want to check off of my bucket list.

EP: Where’s the next place we can see you both and is there any upcoming tours on the horizon ?

Ward: We have some gigs planned out this year, but not a tour yet. I really hope we get to do that. We’re hoping to get a deal in England. So maybe that’s where you’ll see us next.

Sahraei: Unfortunately, no tours. But we are working on it!

EP: Its been lovely speaking to you girls, good luck with your mid-terms!

The new track, ‘TALKS’ is now available on Soundcloud, which is a sneak peek of the EP which debuted on its release date, September the 30th 2015. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Watch the music video here.

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