Luck, Now – ‘Just Another Lucky Start’ EP

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Luck, Now’s music gives you that instant lift you need on a dreary day – it’s like freshly bottled get up and go.

With hints of Green Day style influence, this is a well polished, fun band, pumping out genuine feel good music. It sounds great loud, it sounds great in the background – it fits anywhere in your day – particularly with a shot of espresso and a quick kitchen mosh. The melodies are catchy and memorable, the main vocal is delightfully refreshing – with an original edge that is cool and confident. The vocal harmonies and backing vocals have a happy go lucky Beach Boys vibe. This is ideal start the party music, and they seem like genuinely nice guys; very energetic, enthusiastic, and extremely talented.

‘P.a.l.s’ is possibly my favourite track on the EP – hints of a deeper meaning start to surface. Not just a pop rock band with punk influences; they have big thoughts, they don’t hold back. It’s a no filter classic rock and roll vibe – “You’re ready when you hear the sound…” More than just great music, all the lyrics on this EP intrigue me – I’d love to interview these guys. ‘King Of White Chips’ asks “Do you think I’m lazy” This is not just ‘fun music’ any more, I’m tangled up in thought – is this line a basic rock lyric for anthemic effect, or a genuine anxiety?? Either way, they have my full attention and this is a really, really great track. “I don’t wanna be left with nothing. Do you know what it means to fall apart?” By this point I’m hooked in and headed to their Facebook page. Really exciting music – can’t wait to catch these guys at a live show if they make it to the UK soon – a sure fire ticket to a fun night.

Luck, Now’s music grabs you by the wrist and drags you into an addictively melodic mosh pit. According to the boys in the band – “Everything is proudly self-produced in a cave” Well, that seals the deal – what’s not to like?!

I think we should all be friends with these guys immediately. Go check them out!

Find Luck, Now on Facebook, and their Bandcamp site.

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